i literally just thought to myself “wow halloween is almost over” but then i remembered that the entire month of october isnt halloween and halloween is actually only one day and hasnt even started yet


when a mutual unfollows you first


so then you unfollow them right back


Kate Kane: I have a confession to make.
Jason Todd: We all know where this is going. Lesbi-honest.
Kate Kane: This is hard for me to admit to you guys but for the past two years, I've had a serious...gambling problem.
Jason Todd: What?
Barbara Gordon: What?
Kate Kane: It all started when I broke up with my girlfriend.
Jason Todd: Whoomp, there it is!



give us the child

wipe away the debt

Hark! I hear the calling of the essential elements of the universe; earth, air, water, fire. Domino’s stuffed crust pepperoni pizza. Nom, nom. Nom, nom. Nom, nom, nom.